Special Awards – Voted by the Coaching Staff

 Captains Award – Andrew Alten, Camden Baucke, Charlie Lawler, Brian Popp

Tiger Class Award – Tanner Griffin

Most improved player– Danny Kruzel, Beau Ngu

Tiger Hear and Hustle – Darren Sackett, Alex Hesse

Offensive Lineman POY – Andrew Alten, Camden Baucke

Offensive Skill POY– Nate Slagel

Defensive Lineman POY– Charlie Lawler

Defensive Skill POY – Brian Popp

Special Teams POY– Evan Burig


ECC League Awards – Voted by the ECC Coaches

 Honorable Mention – Gunner Gambill

2nd team Offense – Danny Kruzel, Jake Elfers, Ian Leever, Luke Waddell

2nd team Defense – Max Mather, Darren Sackett, Jake Junod, Jeff Prifti, Jake Saunders

2nd team Special Teams – Evan Deever, Evan Burig


1st team Defense – Brian Popp, Michael Weber, Charlie Lawler

1st Team Offense – Nate Slagel, Andrew Alten, Camden Baucke

1st Team Special Teams – Zecchaeus Williams


Offensive Player of the Year – Nate Slagel

Defensive Player of the Year – Charlie Lawler


Southwest Ohio All-District Honors


2nd Team Offense – Camden Baucke

2nd Team Defense – Michael Weber

1st Team Offense – Andrew Alten, Nate Slagel

1st Team Defense – Charlie Lawler, Brian Popp

2013 SW Ohio Offensive POY – Nate Slagel

2013 SW Ohio Defensive POY – Charlie Lawler


AP Div II All-Ohio Team


2nd team Defense – Brian Popp

1st Team Offense – Andrew Alten, Nate Slagel

1st Team Defense – Charlie Lawler

2013 Div II Offensive POY – Nate Slagel


2013 That’s my Boy Recipient – Brian Popp

2013 Div II Anthony Munoz Offensive LOY – Andrew Alten


Tri-state Football Honors


1st Team – Andrew Alten

2nd Team – Brian Popp, Nate Slagel, Charlie Lawler

Honorable Mention – Evan Burig, Evan Dever, Luke Waddell


Player of Week, week #9 Brian Popp

Player of Week, week#13 Gunner Gambill

Team of the Week, week #7 Loveland defeated Winton Woods


Ohio National Guard Player of the Week

Week One, Nate Slagel


Max Preps

Nationally Ranked #41

Luke Waddell was named to Max Preps 2013 football freshman 2nd team offense


Coach awards – Coach Fred Cranford

ECC coach of the year

SWOFCA coach of the year

Div II District coach of the year

Cincinnati Div II coach of the year

Ohio Div II coach of the year

NFL, Cincinnati Bengals coach of the year