Nice article on Tiger Jake Elfers – now playing for UC!

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Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!!


Loveland football seeks return to playoffs – interview with Coach Cranford

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Go Tigers!!!

OHSAA will change up football divisions again within the next 10 days!

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Summary:  On August 6th, the OHSAA decided to change how charter and community students are counted when determining the number of males that can participate in football. The change is effective THIS SEASON. The OHSAA  is reverting to the previous approach that did NOT include community /charters. Some urban football programs that were bumped up a division earlier this year will likely go back down to the divisions they were in last season. There will be a trickle down effect on non-urban schools that are near the cutoff numbers in each division (actually “trickle up” as few non-urban schools near the cutoff may be moved up a division).

This will NOT affect the Tigers’ regular season, only potential post-season opponents.

We will update this as soon as the OHSAA releases the new divisions and regions.

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