30 days til kickoff – here’s the Tiger Walk to get you in the mood!

Yes, we’re down to 30 days til the Tigers kick off their 2015 season!

To get in the football mood, click here to see a video of the 2014 Tiger Walk – thanks to Drew Paschal – and enjoy!

Go Tigers!!!

40 days until Tiger football kicks off!

Go Tigers!!!!

OHSAA creates new contact rules starting immediately

The OHio High School Athletic Association has developed and implemented a new set of rules limiting full contact in practices, as part of a continuing effort to make the game safer for our players. The key changes are:

1. If a team has 2-a-day practices in the preseason, full contact will only be allowed in one of the two daily practices.

2. Once the season starts, players will be limited to 60 minutes of full contact practice per week.

To read the details, click on this link.

Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!